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DevOps SRE


We design and implement robust, self-scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant architectures using the latest technologies from the open-source ecosystem.

Our approach

Continuous integration and continuous deployment

We automate the validation, construction and deployment of your applications to increase the quality and agility of your development flows. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of continuous integration and continuous deployment systems, with tools such as: *Github actions, Jenkins, Gitlab, Bitbucket pipelines, CircleCI..*. Thanks to CI and CD, each development is tested, built, and deployed in an automated way ensuring that your software always meets quality requirements.

    Infrastructure as code

    We work with tools that allow us to define all the infrastructure and systems as source code. This way we can maintain history and traceability of changes in systems, reuse configuration, easily replicate environments and test and automate the deployment of changes in all kind of systems.

      Scalability and resilience

      At Etéreo we are experts working with containerized applications on highly scalable systems like *kubernetes*. We automatically deploy your applications with zero downtime to be highly available to users and automatically (down) scale based on traffic demand or custom metrics. We also confiugre underlaying infrastructure to automatically scale and react to users demand, trying to maximize resources utilization decreasing infra costs to the minimum.

        Monitoring and alerting

        We monitor your systems and applications configuring automatic alerts of possible errors or malfunctions from your systems. For this pourpose we use tools such as *Prometheus*, *Grafana* as well different alerting systems to propgate alerts. We can monitor how new functionalities or changes in applications impact on end users or business: reducing latency, improving performance, increasing user traffic, etc. We persist application and system logs in different platform storages, maximizing their retention time and facilitating their consumption.

          Services, networking and security

          In the actual scenario with the popularity of microservice architectures, take control over the security and communications between system components have become crucial but also quite complex. We have experience designing, implementing and working with service mesh technologies taking advantage of traffic management, observability, security, telemetry and different policies configurations. Also we have experience implemeting different apllication firewalls to prevent different application attacks.

            Any question?

            What they say about us

            Fantastic Team. I've worked with almost all Etéreo developers in a large-scale re-launch project for one of Spain's most innovative Telcos. They had a great quality mindset, always trying to improve but also striking a good balance between perfect code and making necessary trade offs to hit critical deadlines. They were instrumental in getting the re-launch off the ground in short time and high quality. Would be very happy to work with Etéreo again.

            Philip Paetz
            Philip PaetzCTO at Brickblock

            In 2017 we launched a new website built on Cloud architecture, with SPA technology on the front, java microservices on the backend, highly modular and scalable. This website has a continuous integration system that allows us to evolve and change as fast as the market does, offering our clients a differentiating and constantly evolving experience. In this project we work in agile and we have Etéreo's team of front and back developers.

            Mª Jesús Martínez
            Mª Jesús MartínezHead of Digital Sales at MásMóvil Group

            Thoroughly impressed with the work Etéreo produced so far. Very structured and transparent in the way they work and communicate effectively with the rest of the team. It’s been a pleasure and I’m sure it will continue to be.

            Andy Gbormittah
            Andy GbormittahCo-Founder & Director at DropGym

            They give innovative solutions to problems and they are business-oriented. Thanks to Etéreo, Pepephone earned 30% in online sales. They worked as a team to accomplish a certain goal. The client was please with the end result.

            Óscar Iglesias
            Óscar IglesiasHead of Digital and Marketing at Pepephone

            Very proactive with an outstanding communication level. The new websites increased the conversion rates by 45%, meeting the expectations of the internal team. Etéreo communicated regularly with the client to ensure an effective workflow. The team went above and beyond to achieve all the goals. In the end, they delivered high-quality results.

            Mikel Fernández Alzola
            Mikel Fernández AlzolaChief Architect & Director of Software Engineering at MásMóvil Group

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